• With your back to the finance department (everyone goes around and you’re just there).
  • Adapting to the stairs using a child memory.
  • Wanting a place that was already taken.
  • Designing space when adapting to it.
  • All things that run into you when you're running in the same place.
  • Be spit on one platform to another.
  • See your old ghosts when you're over and under the world.
  • To choose carefully.
  • Permanency destroys the comfort.
  • Doing an uncomfortable action in a cozy place.
  • Skating with sounds on different textures.
  • Rock the world.
  • Trying to find logic by swearing.
  • Diminish to build something bigger.
  • The act of disappear.


“the spectator becomes very much like the object to be looked at, and perhaps the viewer has become the one who is on the view” Juan Munoz 

In the first photographs taken, some were sitting, others standing. They felt interrupted in their contemplation of the installation and my simple walk. They felt their position as viewers changed for a brief moment. I changed the settings of the diaphragm because the light was enough, and helped to endure that moment.    


The camera man was sitting near the sound system. I believe he felt that he was in a safe place without the possibility of disturbing the event. A hidden place where he could record the moment, as a silent witness, a non-participant. When I was focusing the lens of the camera I could feel the same, and suddenly the silent witness became the witnessed. Everyone was looking at him. 


Lying on the floor with his legs to the side, the left arm supporting the weight of the upper body he looked directly to the camera, straight to the lens, with a smile. A consent smile to that moment.


She was behind me, with her backpack in her shoulders. For moments I thought that she was able of having the same perspective that I had from the other viewers. When I turned to her there was an hesitation in her posture, a mix of contemplation and shyness. The light was illuminating her in a very harmonious way.